Sunday, 28 December 2014

Review: His Secretary Undone by Melanie Marchande

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: A Novel Desception (book 1)

Publication Date: 26th October 2014

Format: ebook


I’m about to throw an ashtray at my boss’s head.

Turns out, the mind behind my favorite, steamy romance novels...the ones I only read in private...the ones that are my only escape after a long day of dealing with The Boss From Hell? It’s not Natalie McBride, the sweet, rural housewife.

It’s him.

That’s right: my boss, Adrian Risinger, the thirty-three-year-old, maddeningly sexy, pissant billionaire “bad boy" who thinks he runs my life. He is also the author of all my deepest, most secret fantasies. And to make matters worse, he needs me to impersonate “Natalie” at a series of book signings and conventions. But, of course, that’s only if I want to keep my job. 

On second thought, I’m going to need something heavier than an ashtray.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My Thoughts:
This was an odd book. Overall, I enjoyed it. It didn't take long to read and it didn't require any brain power or emotional investment, so from that I'd class it as a light read which is perfect for a longish train journey you'd otherwise spend reading trashy magazines or eavesdropping on surrounding conversations...
The premise of the story was interesting but it's execution was patchy. The characters' personalities were inconsistent and they veered all over the place emotionally. The relationship between the main characters was anything but healthy and the sex was "meh". But! It made me laugh, it kept me entertained and in the end I thought it was worth a read.
If you're picking it up my advice is don't expect too much from it just enjoy.

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