Thursday, 15 January 2015

Historical Fiction Bulletin - Issue 1: Jan 2015

Hello everyone. 
As part of the changes to The BLC this year, welcome to our first ever Historical Fiction Bulletin!
I hope that this monthly update, on releases out-with the blogs usual scope, are of interest and use to those of you who, like me, like to dip outside your usual genres from time to time. 

The Blood of The Fifth Knight by E.M. Powell

Publication Date: 1st Jan 2015
Format: ebook / print / audio

England, 1176. King Henry II has imprisoned his rebellious Queen for attempting to overthrow him. But with her conspirators still at large and a failed assassination attempt on his beautiful mistress, Rosamund Clifford, the King must take action to preserve his reign.
Desperate, Henry turns to the only man he trusts: a man whose skills have saved him once before. Sir Benedict Palmer answers the call, mistakenly believing that his family will remain safe while he attends to his King.
As Palmer races to secure the throne for the King, neither man senses the hand of a brilliant schemer, a mystery figure loyal to Henry’s traitorous Queen who will stop at nothing to see the King defeated.

Click here to view The Blood of the Fifth Knight on Goodreads

Secret of the Templars by Paul Christopher

Publication Date: 15th Jan 2015
Format: print / ebook

Ex-army ranger turned historian John Holliday is in search for the truth behind the ancient and deadly Templar order. Putting their lives in danger, Holliday and his good friend Eddie once again travel the world on the trail of a deadly Templar plot.

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