Sunday, 4 January 2015

The Sunday Edition - Issue 1: 4th Jan '15

Hi everyone!

Check it out - our first round-up post of 2015! 
Exciting stuff! Or, not really. 
There really hasn't been a lot going on with the blog this week, mainly because of Christmas and new year resulting in family stuff and not a lot of time to do much else!

What you can expect from our round-ups in the future is a summary of the weeks news, events, giveaways and a summary of our Monday Mentions feature that'll be kicking off on our Tsu & Facebook pages from Monday 12th.

This past week, all there is to report is:

If you're like me and enjoy dipping into different genre's of books every now and again then the various monthly release bulletins we're doing in different categories / genres may prove useful. 

Open internationally. Ends the end of January. 

So that's that 

I'm going to close with a nice little meme that perfectly describes how I feel about going back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off..

Have a good week!

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