Monday, 9 March 2015

Review: Warlord by Lana Grayson

Genre: MC - Romance

Series: Anathema MC (Book 1)

Publication Date: 28th November 2014

Format: ebook

The only thing more dangerous than the Anathema MC is the club’s president. 


For twenty-one years, Rose Darnell’s family dedicated their lives to the Anathema MC. For twenty-one years, she’s searched for a way out.

Bound to a world of bloodied knuckles and drug money, Rose believes her musical talent will rescue her from an abusive father and overbearing brothers. A chance audition and promising gig would free Rose from the outlaw 1%, but her brothers won’t let her escape the club’s shadow.

A rival chapter threatens Rose, and only Anathema’s president, Thorne Radek, can protect her.


A traitor lurks within Anathema’s brotherhood, and Thorne will burn the world to scorch the rat. When an innocent diva with baby-bunny eyes and dark secrets needs his help, Thorne offers his protection and is rewarded with the ultimate bait. He may be the only man to distract Rose from her music, but helping him find the traitor will damn more than the club.

It will tear her family apart.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Thoughts:

My first thought on this book was that it was a very well written debut novel but it was a bit long-winded at times. With a good editor it could have been made sleeker, less clunky and thus a smoother read but this opinion didn't hamper my enjoyment of the book.
It's a heavy read - as I find most MC books to be if I'm honest. Gang war, murder, drugs, sexual abuse, women as inferior beings... Generally dark and gritty. It ticked all the usual MC boxes but it was handled in a way that didn't turn my stomach or make me want to punch something.
The characters were well written and the story was action packed and engaging.
I found Rose to be a bit annoying but my heart ached for her and I understood what made her so whiny and selfish. Thorne was kind of awesome, ruthless and brutal but oddly, not heartless.
The dual POV balanced the story really well and gave the reader a more in depth picture than you'd get from a single - first person - POV.
I'd re-visit this MC and would read this author again.

(Review copy received via netgalley)

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