Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Review: What Were You Expecting by Katy Regnery

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Series: Heart of Montana (book 6)

Publication Date: 8th September 2014

Format: ebook


Nils Lindstrom and Maggie Campbell have been circling each other for years. A strong attraction simmers between them, and their hearts beat only for each other. But a tragic secret keeps them apart.

Out of the blue, Maggie learns her U.S. visa has expired and she’ll be deported. Nils offers marriage under the guise of a favor, but only if they can just remain friends. Despite the whisperings of his heart, falling in love again is a risk he won’t take. Yet, regardless of how it begins, marriage can take on a life of its own—and true love is more powerful than either Maggie or Nils ever expected.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Thoughts:

I'm always nervous when reading books in which the character is Scottish. May sound a bit weird but being from Scotland myself I get a little twitchy about the way our speech is portrayed by those who are not Scottish. There are just sooo many stereotypes and they often leave me with the urge to claw out my eyeballs and scream.
In previous Heart of Montana books Maggie has flirted with my twitch reflex but hasn't triggered it. A whole book of Maggie? It seemed like too much to ask for that she wouldn't set me off at some point or another... And I was wrong! Hurrah! While she bugged me on a few occasions it had nothing to do with the portrayal of Scots dialect and everything to do with her general personality which was fine! I can handle that, for all in all, I liked Maggie and was routing for her. I felt so sad for the roller-coaster Nils took her on. On more than one occasion I wanted to claw his eyes out and bash him over the head with a blunt object for being bloody ridiculous, but I enjoyed this conclusion to what has been a wonderfully sweet series.

Katy Regnery writes wonderful stories that suck you right into the heart of them and leave you feeling warm, happy and satisfied and for that reason, I really can't recommend these books or the author, highly enough.

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