Sunday, 5 July 2015

Rant Time!

Before I start I'd like to point out that I'm perfectly fine with people contacting me.
FB messages, emails, whatever, asking me to share things or offering the chance to sign up for stuff... Fine. No problem.

Btw, I rarely sign up for stuff sent to my inbox, as I'm getting picker over what I spend my time reading and jumping up and down over. BUT I'm more than happy to share release news, sales, links etc on the page. Seriously, it's no problem, send it over and I'll fit it in. 

I am really getting tired of the spamtastic quality of some of the stuff I'm getting in my inbox nowadays.
Honestly, I read some posts and they just scream laziness and "I don't care" all while expecting ME to get excited, give a crap, and spend some of my day doing as bid?!
Erm, no.
Before someone sends stuff to me I at least hope they've had the decency to see what kind of blog this is and the kind of books I promote to ensure what is being asked is suitable for the blogs audience.

For another thing, my name isn't "BLOGGER" it's Nicci.  Guys, ladies etc. is better if you're going for generic rather than "blogger".
It's not hard to come across human, rather than a robot. It's really not. Have your mass post and just spend 10 seconds tweaking it before sending it out. Simples.
Hold a list of blogs and what type of books they promote and only send your stuff to the appropriate ones. Simples.

I set up this blog because I love books, I want to share that love with others and I want to support authors with getting the word out about their stories.
It is REALLY time consuming, especially when a blog is just a one person show (which this one is).
Please, please, pretty please - with a big fat cherry on top - show some appreciation of this and certainly DONT get pissy when a blogger (whose name you can't be bothered to know) wont march to the beat of your drum.

Now this - usually quite mellow - "just a BLOGGER" - is going back into her cave.

*Rant over*

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