Monday, 20 July 2015

Review: Break Me Open by Amy Kiss

Genre: MC Romance

Series: Desert Wraiths (Book 1)

Publication Date: 31st August 2014

Format: ebook


All I wanted was a quiet night at home. Instead I’m dragged out to a bar, end up down the wrong alley and get caught witnessing a biker gang murder.

My parents died by accident. Guess it’s my turn.

Except one of the bikers is shielding me from the rest. He’s massive, powerful, and his face is majestic. His eyes are an otherworldly blue, shimmering in the moonlight.

He’s also the guy I just saw kill a man.

So why do I feel so safe in his arms?

Once I was part of an elite special ops team: soldiers modified to perform beyond human limits. Then, I was kicked out unceremoniously with nothing but my disintegrating body.

The Wraiths MC are a meager brotherhood but the only one I have left. I’ve done dark things for this club. But the moment I lay eyes on that cowering girl, I knew I’d never let her come to harm.

It’s not just her beauty. There’s a weight to her that’s more real than anything I’ve felt in years.

Saving her could shatter my life.

But she might just make me whole again.

My Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

My Thoughts:

This is a MC book with an interesting twist. It isn’t too long, so it’s easy to read in one sitting and despite a particular issue I had with the book, I mostly enjoyed it.

As MC books tend to be, the book is violent, but not as bad as it could have been. Compared to others available, it was actually pretty tame. The whole genetically tampered with, ex-soldier, angle meant that it had a unique and interesting spin.

I liked the main characters – Katie and Ghost. I enjoyed the chemistry between them, they were surprisingly sweet. 
OH MY GOD! The sex in this book was painful to read. In fact, any kind of amorous interaction was kind of painful. I have no idea why though, because the writing everywhere else was good! 
Why did the writing of the sexy times have to be freaking awful?!
Seriously, awful… Total mood killer and bad for the soul awful. 

*"I was coming apart for him. He was tearing me open." ⇐ Yep. That sounds nice.

*"His hand molested my other breast..." Oh good. I do enjoy molestation.

*"I heard pleasure breathe off his face." ⇐ Huh?

*"These muscles had murdered, they had fought, they had ridden. All of it practise for penetrating my body." ⇐ Okay, then. Sure.

*"... He shoved my legs up onto the bed at the same time his member ran through them and into me." ⇐ Member?! Face palm.

*"I draped myself deeper over his rod." ⇐ Do I really have to comment?

Getting the picture? This is just a tiny sample!

I found myself flipping between enjoying my reading time (and the story in general) and cringing, begging ‘please no’ every time Katie and Ghost shared anything physically intimate as it totally ruined it. 

That’s not a state you want to be in while reading a romance! So… There was a problem. And there really didn't need to be. It’s quite simple; If you can’t write, or are uncomfortable writing, sex – don’t! Fade to black!

Do I recommend the book? I don’t know. I guess. I mean, I recommend everyone reads a book and makes up their own mind about it. So, based on that yes. But would I read this book again? No. Would I read another book from this author? Maybe. It’d depend on whether the writing of the sex issue was resolved.

(*Quotes from the kindle edition purchased July 2015. Copyright of the author. )

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