Sunday, 19 July 2015

Review: Escorted by Claire Kent

Genre: Erotic - Contemporary Romance - Escorts (Male)

Series: Escorted (Book 1)

Publication Date: 15th December 2012

Format: ebook


She hired him to take her virginity...but now she wants even more.

Lori might be a popular romance writer, but she's never been anything but a flop with sex and love in her personal life. Still a virgin at twenty-six and increasingly frustrated by her inexperience, she decides to take matters into her own hands. She hires a talented, sexy male escort to take care of her inconvenient virginity.

She assumes one time with Ander will be enough, but she never dreams how much pleasure he can make her feel. Once isn't nearly enough. Twice isn't enough either. Soon, she becomes one of his regular clients.

Lori knows that nothing would be as foolish as falling in love with her paid escort, but she's never been wise with her heart. And, despite his professionalism, he doesn't seem entirely immune either.

My Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

My Thoughts:

Uh… What to say about this book.  I have started writing a review, then deleting it, so many times because I just… Yeah.
Too much sex. Seriously, almost every single chapter is sex and it’s not even good sex. It’s quite possibly the most boring and repetitive sex I've ever read. Unsexy, unimaginative and unlikely to entertain most in a genre that is usually far more… Stimulating, intriguing and entertaining.  
Moving on from the god-awful sex, sex, and more sex you get to the story. The premise, virgin romance writer paying male escort to take said virginity, was good. It could have been a great book. Unfortunately, the story was practically non-existent and, what there was, was lost amongst the sex. Chemistry? Non-existent. Personality? Non-existent. Drama? Non-existent. Angst? Non-existent.
The characters were two dimensional, the dialogue wooden and they were freaking BORING. So, so boring… I don’t know why I finished it beyond the hope it’d get better and by the time I realised it wasn’t going to, I was in far enough to need to finish as per my own reading quirks.
Erm… I've read worse? Does that count?
I hate being so negative in a review. I DO realise the amount of work that goes into writing and publishing a book and I admire anyone who does it so I really do not mean any disrespect to the author, or to other readers who have read and liked this book. It just was not for me.
I've always believed in stating what I think, good or bad. I'm also a huge believer in not letting anyone else’s opinion sway mine. I make my own mind up and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Sometimes good reviews prompt me to try something for myself. Sometimes it’s the negative reviews that make me want to read a book. This review is what I thought. If you think you may like it, then read it and make up your own mind…  

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