Sunday, 26 July 2015

Review: The Outcast by Glynnis Campbell

Genre: Historical Romance - Scotland

Series: Scottish Lasses (Book 0.5)

Publication Date: 4th Feb 2015

Format: ebook


Lachlan Mar, a disfigured and broken Scots warrior, doesn't believe anything can mend the wounds of war until Alisoune Hay, a brilliant and beautiful young lass, stumbles into his cottage and his life, healing his hurt and his heart with the most magical power of all--love.

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My Thoughts:

The Outcast by Glynnis Campbell is a novella, set in medieval Scotland and is quite possibly the weirdest and most far-fetched historical I’ve read in a while but I enjoyed it.

It’s a simple story really. Lachlan lost a leg in battle and was ostracised, so lives alone in a little cabin in the woods.

Alisoune stumbles across this cabin when running for her life for being accused of witchcraft.
Sparks fly, hearts melt, wounds heal… It’s all very nice, typical and touching. Except for the fact that Alisoune is obsessed with science and uses this knowledge to do things such as make Lachlan a fully operable mechanised leg… Yeah
Then there is the random and out of place stone / crone thing at the start that has no bearing on the story what-so-ever really.

It’s a quick read and excepting the weirdness, it’s pretty enjoyable. Alisoune and Lachlan are wonderful together creating a fair few butterflies in the tummy and it didn’t trigger the need to throw my kindle in rage at how Scots were portrayed. Yeay!

Yep. I was born and raised in Scotland, and historical romances quite often cause me to die a little inside as they typically butcher my country’s history, people, accent etc. Unfortunately, I quite enjoy them every now and again, so the search for authors who do it well is always on. 
Glynnis Campbell does it well.  

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