Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Books! REAL books!

Guess what?!
I'm reading a fantasy YA novel at the moment and it's rocking my book lovin' world!

This is a bit of a deviation from the norm for me in many ways:

1 - I'm reading the actual book!
As in, a paperback. I can't remember the last time I read a book that wasn't on my kindle and it feels AMAZING! 
I'd forgotten - actually forgotten - the joy of holding a bound book in my hands! The simple act (and soothing sound) of physically turning pages, the smell, the weight... 
The joy of sliding my hands over the embossing detail on the cover and marvelling at the beauty that binds the wonderful story within the pages... 

2 - It's Fantasy!
I rarely read fantasy novels. 
Urban fantasy? Sure, I read a fair few of those. 
Paranormal romance? Yep! Read a fair number of those too. 
But plain old fashioned fantasy? A book where the story isn't about two people falling in love, but a story in which people may or may not fall in love set in a fictional land? Not so much, but I'm thinking I may have to start branching out more because this is the most refreshing thing I've read in a while. 

3 - It's YA!
I used to read lots of YA novels. Always paranormal YA, and I loved them. When I say YA I mean the older YA stuff - the 16-18 YA - not the stuff written for the younger half of the market. But then I discovered new adult books and my main reading material shifted to them and more contemporary romances. 
It happens. 
When you are a voracious bookworm you go through phases but - in my case - I never fall out of love with a genre. I just need a break. With YA I needed a break. 
I'm not saying this book marks a return to YA reading for me but I'd say my mild aversion is over.
(P.S I didn't know this book was YA when reading it. It's very well done!)

I've come to realise that I MISS BOOKS! Real books!
My reading funk of late isn't because "there's nothing about I want to read" but because I need to shake up my reading choices again.
I've been craving a return to old favourites: Kenyon, Feehan, Moning, Harrison, Richelle Mead's Adult series, Karen Chance's Cassie Palmer books...
But first I want more of this wonderful world Kristen Cashore has written! 
So tonight, I've ordered the other two books set in the Graceling Realm and I've ordered them in paperback like the first.

I'm desperately excited for their arrival and that brings me to another thing I've been missing by clinging to my kindle... Stalking the postman!!!

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