Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Favourite Reads of 2015!

Before 2015 closes out, here's my - semi-obligatory - Top Reads of 2015 list!


For The Win - Brenna Aubrey
The first book in the Gaming The System series to not focus on Mia and Adam... And it was awesome!! Couldn't put it down!

Reap - Tillie Cole
Dark, twisty and so freakin' refreshing!! This book was so easy to read, it twisted my emotions into knots and sparked a Tillie Cole reading addiction. 

Ride Steady - Kristen Ashley
The book that started my love affair with the Chaos MC series and put me onto Kristen Ashley books in general! How could I not add it to the list when it was such an absorbing read, with characters who stole my heart? 

Own The Wind - Kristen Ashley
Ok, so this is not a 2015 release but I only read it in 2015... And it ROCKED my 2015, so it needed to be added to this list! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Shy and Tabby!!!!

Sweet - Tammara Webber
I saw this book coming after reading Breakable and couldn't wait to get my mitts on it and it did not disappoint! A beautiful story, an engaging couple and a fantastic read.

Never Let You Go - Katy Regnery
Heart wrenchingly beautiful. Stunningly well written. A near perfect book from a fantastic author!

Thoughtful - S.C. Stephens
I read the entire Thoughtless series this year and I both loved it and loathed it passionately. It was fantastically written and a true emotional rollercoaster. Thoughtful made my fav books of 2015 because Kellen's re-telling of Thoughtless was easier to swallow than Kiera's. He was just a better character than her and he didn't leave me shaking in rage every other chapter, lol, while still pulling my emotions all over the place!

Blushing by Katie Delahanty
This was one of my most anticipated books of the year as I LOVED it's predecessor In Bloom... It didn't disappoint and was an addictive follow-on in this fantastic series!

Every Last Breath - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Ah man!! How much do I love this author's YA paranormals?!! This book was my fav of the trilogy but, really, this entry represents the entire trilogy since it's book three in the trilogy and you'd need to read the first two books to reach this one :-)

Built - Jay Crownover
A bit of a sneaky entry into 2015's list when the book doesn't release until Jan 2016... But I got an ARC and the book is bloody fabulous so gets it's slot!

Sweet Home - Tillie Cole
Another book that wasn't released in 2015 but which I read recently and LOVED... So it counts! Holy freaking hell, this was heart-wrenching and addicitive. A perfect NA that pulled me out a NA reading slump and hit all the correct buttons for me. Much love for this author right now!

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