Thursday, 31 March 2016

'Blogger Shame' Review Challenge: Quarter 1 Update!

At the start of the new year, I made a promise that I'd clear my netgalley review list - plus a few others that had fallen through the cracks... You can read the full post by clicking here

The total of un-reviewed books - at the start of the year - was 
Now that the end of the first quarter, of our new year, is upon us, I can say that I have cleared a grand total of 1!

Yes... 1. That wasn't a typo.
This review challenge is going to turn into an epic fail if I don't step it up moving forward.

The bright-side of this abysmal effort if that I have been reading and reviewing books... I just haven't been tackling the back log. I also haven't been adding to it either... 

Next quarter, I will do better!

Quarter 1 Review Challenge Reviews:

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