Saturday, 23 April 2016

Review: Wild by Elsa Day

Genre: MC Romance - Novella/Serial

Series: Dark Riders MC (Book 1)

Publication Date: 14th April 2014

Format: ebook


Which will she choose? Love, or safety?

Lilly Clarkfeld just wants to be a regular college student. In her dreams she is a nurse, has a family, and is safe. That's not much to ask.

But when she's forced to return to her childhood home because of her mother's illness, everything changes.

>Lilly's car crashes and she's taken in the night by the Dark Riders. It could have been any motorcycle club, but it was his.

Lilly's first love.

Asher Thomas is bigger, stronger, and more damaged than Lilly remembers, but he never forgot about her.

They still burn for each other, but is this the life for Lilly? Can she put her white picket fence dreams on hold and trade them in for the rough love of an outlaw biker?

My Rating: 1 out of 5 Stars

My Thoughts:

This was awful. Truly awful. Like 'what for the love of all that is holy am I reading?' awful. Seriously, poor plot, severely underdeveloped and unlikable characters, no chemistry whatsoever between Lilly and Asher... Oh, and it's short. Really really short. It's actually a novella or serial but it didn't say that anywhere when purchased... Not a happy bunny and most definitely not going to read any more of this farcical tale. Honestly, the ending! Gah!

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