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Fall Into Romance Blog Hop!

Hey all!

Thank you for stopping and get ready to Fall Into Romance!
We're going to share the romances that had us falling in love with the genre!
Or the ones that kept us smitten!
Stop by each blog for new recommendations and giveaways!
There's lots of blogs taking part, so.... Get hoppin'!

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I was always a reader, and in my teens I had a thing for historical books, think Sebastian Faulks and Robert Ryan, not historical romance. These authors write amazing stories but what captivated me most about them was the romantic aspects. 
(Check out Birdsong, Charlotte Grey and Early One Morning as prime examples.)

This resulted in me trying out some chicklit and I adored the blend of humour and romance! Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic books drove me NUTS - seriously, how can a character be that stupid?! - but I read them all because I really really shipped the relationship. This lead to more Sophie Kinsella books and I dare anyone to read Can You Keep A Secret and not fall in love with love!

However, the booked that sealed my 'chick-lit' love was The Nanny by Melissa Nathan. To this day, well over 12/13 years later, I adore that book! The romance is perfectly unperfect, the story so engrossing and heartwarming. It stole a piece of my soul and never gave it back.

But! The books that REALLY, really, made me fall in love with romance were paranormal romances. In particular, Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. 

My first ever Dark Hunter book was Kiss of the Night - which I got for Christmas - and I NEEDED the previous books NOW!
This was easier said than done, for at the time ebooks were in absolute infancy and Sherrilyn Kenyon didn't have an UK publishing deal. I had to order them from the States and wait 3/4 weeks for them to arrive, but when they did? Oh man... The blending of dreamy romance, humour, tormented pasts and ass kicking defenders against evil was irresistible!
Sadly, over time I've lost my way with the Dark Hunters (happened just after Styxx which is like, book 22) but they definitely hold a special place in my bookwormish heart and I'll hold them close forever.
(FYI - My Favourite DH books are Dance With The Devil, Seize The Night, and Unleash The Night. Yes, all early ones... But I do love Styxx too. It's just a harder read.)

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Now you know how I fell into romance, I'm giving away a $5 amazon giftcard to contribute to you falling into romance! 

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